Grow with SEO


The Purpose

If you are here you have probably heard the term "SEO" (Search Engine Optimization) but really have no idea how it works. To most, it is a magical dark art that nerds do to make money. This course is to clear unveil the magic and mystery behind "SEO" and show you cheap affordable tools for your website. 

SEO isn't magic fairy dust it is work that anyone can do. 

The Content

We will be discussing onsite and offsite SEO topics specifically for people who have no idea what those words mean. Don't know what you just read? Good, you are in the right place. What you see below is just the start, additional SEO videos will be added; we will be going over a lot!

Who is this course for?

If you have knowledge of SEO than this course isn't for you. This course is for small businesses, who can't afford an SEO agency. For bootstrappers that want to get stuff done and has the drive to do it on their own. 

Because learning shouldn't cost an arm and a leg.

Monthly Coaching $95.99

Get access to our videos and training materials. Plus receive: Up to two "homework" video critiques and access to our marketing discussion channel.


Welcome to Grow with SEO

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I'm a full stack developer with a degree in digital finger painting. Now I am a nerdy classroom consultant for k-16 education helping school districts design real-world project-based learning curriculum for full stack web development and digital marketing strategies. I've trained 300+ students, from ages 14-65+, to technology career readiness.

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